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Bigfoot offers a one-of-a-kind, free-standing modular metal racking system that provides unbeatable strength and durability.

That Simply Can't Be Beat!

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1- Most garage cabinets lack mobility.

Bigfoot Garage Cabinets feature a bolt-less metal frame and sturdy wooden panels, allowing for quick and easy dismantling using a screwdriver, wrench, and rubber mallet. Our garage cabinets are free-standing and simply back up to your garage stem wall. They do not attach to the home, making disassembly and relocation a breeze. Our cabinets resemble furniture, ensuring hassle-free transportation. If you are moving locally, we provide a service that dismantles and installs them in your new home.

Many companies permanently secure their cabinets to garage walls using staples and cheap particle board. These cabinets are often stapled together, resulting in cracks and breakage during disassembly. Regular garage cabinets cannot be moved from wall to wall or house to house, but ours can!

2- Many garage cabinets have weak, plastic hardware supporting their shelves.

This not only limits the weight capacity but also leads to warping and long-term damage. Don't settle for cabinets that deteriorate over time!

Bigfoot Garage Cabinets utilize a heavy-duty metal frame that fully supports the shelves. This enables storing heavy items and ensures long-lasting durability.

3- Most garage cabinets are not designed for easy cleaning underneath.

Many companies integrate their cabinets into garage walls, causing them to rest directly on the garage floor. This creates an ideal environment for insects and rodents. Additionally, cleaning the garage floor or dealing with small floods often results in wet cabinets, causing wood expansion and unsightly swelling.

In contrast, Bigfoot Garage Cabinets are specifically designed with six inches of clearance, facilitating effortless cleaning of your garage floor and preventing cabinet damage.

4- traditional garage cabinets have internal walls, limiting storage space for long or large items.

Why restrict the storage potential of your garage cabinets?

Bigfoot Garage Cabinets feature wide-open compartments, allowing ample space to store longer items between sections.

5- Many cabinets have doors that do not fully open.

This causes hindering the loading and unloading process and increasing the risk of door breakage.

Bigfoot Garage Cabinets are constructed with industrial-style barrel hinges and all-steel materials, ensuring sturdy doors that open fully, simplifying the loading and unloading process.

Organize your garage with Bigfoot Garage Cabinets' innovative storage solutions

Our expert team can help you create hundreds of square feet of storage space while keeping your car inside the garage. When it comes to garage cabinets, choose Bigfoot Garage Cabinets of Las Vegas.

At Bigfoot Garage Cabinets, we specialize in maximizing garage storage potential, offering abundant space to store infrequently used personal items. Our garage storage system frees up square footage in living spaces, providing a secure area to store kitchen gadgets, paper towels, toilet paper, household chemicals, and more. Let us assist you in decluttering your home.

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